5 performers, 1 musician, 1 technician
60 minutes (Estimated)
Medium scale – 200 – 800
Availale to book:
From autumn 2018

A sensory feast of smells, taste and circus: exploring our relationship with food, emotion and the hunger for more. Eating, as more than survival, is a bond, a crutch, an indulgence. Food becomes a substitute for love, sex, sleep; food becomes memory… From the comic to the intimate this show will delve into the every day and touch our deepest desires.

We aim to build a sensory world for the audience, visually, but also through smells, and taste. Using real food onstage, and possibly even cooking and giving food to the audience at some point during the show. We want some moments of interaction and to really bring them into our world as fully as possible.

Building on the artistic process of our last indoor show – The Hogwallops, we aim for Famished to maintain our fun, light-hearted approach, but take our artistic work to the next level, pushing deeper, more subtle and more adult. We will continue to work with combining high-level circus skills with character and narrative, while working with Ella Robson on Choreography.


If you’d like to book Famished for Autumn 2018 or would like to support the development of the show please get in touch with us.